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February 13, 2024

We present all the new features of version 24

Those of you who know us, will know first hand that we are always working to improve our software and the experience for the person behind the screen.

Therefore, today we are proud to be able to detail some of the great improvements that come with version 24 of Timón Hotel and with which we hope to be closer to the excellence you deserve.


We know that achieving the desired occupancy is not an easy path, so we want you to manage it and keep track of income.

Timon Hotel

  • We adapted Bavel’s electronic invoicing (Voxel) for our clients in the Dominican Republic (DGII).
  • We have incorporated a new advance payment management system. It is now possible to invoice agency advances, in addition to configuring the type of posting of these advances.
  • We have achieved a more intelligent management of Front users. Receptionists will be able to identify themselves more easily by mobile device or NFC and log in without having to enter a name and password.
  • New dynamic floor plan configuration adapted to small hotels where you can access and visualize, from the same place and in a simpler way, the products you work with.

Central Reservation Center

We have introduced a bi-directional feature with the Channel Manager that allows hotels to change availability and close sales from Timon, which is automatically updated in their channel manager.

Commissary Helm

  • Improvements in the automation of automatic orders. In the “Order Template” and “Generate Order from Templates” option, the option to display the last purchase price of the item has been added.
  • Visualización origen pedidos. 
    • We have added the possibility to indicate whether an item reference is of local/national/imported origin and added the “Origin” column.
    • We have also integrated the option to filter by this value in the “List of Items by Supplier” and in “List of Purchased Items” (By Reference). The latter list will show the percentage of locally sourced products at both the supplier and total level.
  • Improvements in electronic invoicing.
    • Improved display of departmental data sheets
    • In the electronic invoicing import, we have added the possibility to view both the XML of the invoice and the delivery note to which it refers.
    • In the import of electronic invoices, we have added the possibility to import only invoices from a specific supplier
    • A mark has been added to delivery notes linked to an electronic invoice.
    • New “Autoalbarán” option for the export of delivery notes to the Bavel platform (Voxel).

Timón Restaurant TPV

  • Better management of the menus, being able to mark those lines that are obsolete for better maintenance and updating of the hotel’s gastronomic proposal.
  • The legal tip has been added. In countries where there is a fixed percentage to be added to the ticket as a legal gratuity, this can be done quickly and intuitively with the TPVWeb.

Back Office

We continue to improve data collection and visualization so that you can make the best decisions at the right times.

Human Resources

We believe that the best resource a lodging facility has is and always will be its human capital, and for this reason, we continue to strive to improve its management.

In compliance with current regulations, we have eliminated the fingerprint reader function and replaced it with a new NFC card-compatible employee presence reader integration.

Timon Integrations

A voyage is best enjoyed in good company and we have the best thanks to TimónIntegraciones:

  • Siteminder API integration that allows you to configure the automatic sending of availability to the Channel thanks to bidirectionality. In addition, improve the downloading of reservations and information received.
  • Increased environmental awareness. Thanks to the integration with Creast, the hotel can calculate the carbon footprint of a reservation and inform the customer of more sustainable alternatives.
  • Smarter chat bots. Thanks to Quick Text’s connection with Timon API, the hotel can use chat bots in a more personalized way with the customer, as it collects information about their behavior and allows to provide better customer service.
  • Immersive experience in the reserve. We are pioneers in having an integration with Hotelverse technology, providing future guests with an immersive experience during their booking.


Timón APPS has been redesigned to improve the user experience. This application allows you to log in once and move through the different Timón Hotel products.

We want to go where you are going

That’s why we work and will continue to work to improve your experience, focusing on your needs and making our interface increasingly simple and intuitive. This translates into less training hours since you will have all the tools to know and manage more autonomously all the Timón Hotel software.

Do you need to know more information about the new version? Write to us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

Thank you for trusting us.

Let’s keep sailing together.