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Touch point of sale for bars and restaurants


Collection control

Management can configure the operation of controls over cash control. It is possible to configure ‘blind cash register’, so that instead of printing the collection, it offers only the cash register statement.

Integrated with the hotel and with the loyalty system

Being linked to the establishment, Timón TPV Restaurant allows you to charge the rooms directly, or redeem from the TPV the points that the guest has available.

It is an extension of the loyalty program, being able to register the different options you have in your loyalty plan.

Improve customer service by understanding your guest wherever they are, not just at the front desk.


Agile and robust system

Points of sale are critical and fundamental parts of the business, so immediacy of access to information and reliability of the system are essential. The collection point processes requests immediately, being able to deal with many simultaneous requests.

Linked to commissary and invoicing

The tool also links to Timón Economato, and automatically deducts the items consumed, also offering the option of a price list.

At closing time, the system automatically generates the collection invoice and automatically registers the cash collection at the cash desk, saving time and avoiding errors.

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