PMS Property Management System

Timón Hotel Suite

In more than three decades we have positioned ourselves as one of the essential hotel management technology platforms in the market.


Hotel application (Property Management System).
Manage your production and occupancy for comprehensive revenue control.

Manage the profitability and control of the different points of sale of the establishment, with the possibility of carrying out customer loyalty programs.

Maximize profitability and control of your human capital using mobile systems. Ideal for large environments and for customization of facility services.

Get the relevant information at the right time. It allows to collect in a timely manner the necessary information for decision making, achieving the control of integral expenses.

Integrate in Timón Hotel all the systems of the establishment, such as telephone switchboards or systems of door opening. Manage comfortably the domotics and office automation of your hotels.

Timón Hotel’s Business Intelligence module is a powerful tool designed to facilitate the strategic management of your hotel business.


License rental (Cloud)

Registration fee and monthly rent

Hosted in our cloud service, specially sized and optimized for the applications and systems of Timón Hotel, with all our knowledge in the needs of the hotel industry.

  • No infrastructure.
  • No technological obsolescence.
  • Lower initial investment.
  • Guaranteed security and connectivity.
  • Designed specifically for the hotel industry, a highly critical service.

Technical requirements

We provide a list of hardware, software and peripherals certified for the correct operation with the Timón Hotel Suite.

Timón Hotel Suite

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