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Fundamental business intelligence tool for decision making

Timón Business Intelligence transforms data into knowledge, and allows you to quickly and easily consult any data in your organization, from any place and any platform.

But it’s not just about reports, it’s much more. It is to enter the realm of comprehensive data analysis. Until now, analyses have focused on “what have we done?”.

The new hotel strategy

Business intelligence allows us to combine different sources of information to solve critical points of our processes or to have valid and contrasted information to make decisions for the future.

With Timón Business Intelligence we get ordered data and extract information in a friendly, structured and reliable way. And all this is just for starters, as you dig deeper and improve your customized reports, you can find out why specific events have occurred.

This set of tools and methodology allows to reach details in an easy way, which would be almost impossible with excel.

Timon Business Intelligence is more than a tool, it is about making decisions based on data, not intuition. The tool is as important as the consultancy.


Detect critical processes that the customer wants to control.

It also provides the possibility of having several types of users depending on the use they have to make of the data. There may be an analyst profile, which can only consult reports, analyze, filter and compare quickly and easily.

Another possibility with a lot of potential is to add other data sources. This would be the case of crossing web traffic data provided by Google Analytics with data from Timón Hotel.


In the future it will be possible to make predictions

The collection of quality information from the different modules of Timón Hotel and external applications, will give us a general and specific picture of the critical areas, quickly, as well as having monitored the indicators (KPI) of the company always visible and updated daily.
In any department, accounting, cash flow, reserves, commissary, etc.

The trend and consequence of the application of this tool and methodology will be that we will obtain fewer data tables, to see more graphs, including more variables and being able to make automatic predictions.

The Revenue Management tool is greatly enhanced with Timón Business Intelligence. In the case of hotel chains, it makes it possible to create reports with the data of all the hotels together, in comparison with previous years.


Ask the necessary questions to solve problems

One of the advantages of applying new analysis methodologies is to be able to define new market segments, for example, to automatically identify the channels through which customers have entered the market.

In this way, we could increase the loyalty of customers who come through Booking. Or to put another case, identify the most demanded elements in the restaurant’s menu, and thus be able to optimize it.


For both large and small hotels

Smaller hotel establishments can also benefit from the use of procedures and analysis with Timón Business Intelligence. For small hotels, it is vital to reinforce their website, their direct channel to control their dependence on OTAS.

Process for implementing Timón Business Intelligence

The process to start working with this new methodology and data analysis tools is very simple:

Initial meeting to learn about the concerns and needs of the business.

The objectives are agreed upon, which data are to be attacked

Conducting a data audit

Prototyping of reports

Putting into production

Growing project, great bet of Timón Hotel.

Antoni Rosselló comes from the world of hospitality and management. For him, dealing well with information is essential for any company. Trained in various business intelligence tools. Timón Hotel’s philosophy is to give the best to our clients, we want to evolve the era of reporting, towards business intelligence.

With their experience, we have achieved a solid product in terms of information and data, so that the client feels comfortable and secure when using the information. It gives confidence, it is the daily ABC for any user, confidence in the data.

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Contact us and explain us the details of your project and we will prepare a demonstration tailored to your needs.