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Reception Helm

Reception sales management: deposits, rentals, safes, Wellness&Spa,…

The Reception Helm module will allow you to control and manage the sales made from the reception point of sale.


Allows to differentiate the deposits made from the receiving cash register, keeping track of them. When a guest claims a deposit, thanks to the module it is easy to know if it is registered or not.

Sales to the dining room

It has the advantage of being linked to the services of Timón Comedor, and the sales made from reception are reflected in the dining room reports.

Wellness & Spa

It is also linked to the Timón WellnessSpa module, allowing the reservation of treatments and services, being reflected in the Timón WellnessSpa reports.


In addition to managing the sale of this service, it will enable the drafting of a specific contract for signature and acceptance by the client.

Merchandising sales

Management of sales produced from reception, and at closing, the information is automatically passed to the treasury.
By adding a ticket printer to the Front Desk module, the entire front desk operation is facilitated and streamlined, and effectively complements the rest of the hotel’s points of sale.
The module is prepared to register every sale made from reception either in cash or directly to a room.
Linked to the treasury of the reception, at the closing of the cash register, the collection invoice is automatically generated in Timón Hotel.

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