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Management of room status and malfunctions

Specially designed to be used by the cleaning department and technical services.

From a single screen you can view several lists: the complete list of rooms, and easily manage both cleaning and incidents or breakdowns.

The new MTimónServicios module allows, together with the Timón Hotel application, the inspection of rooms and annotation of their status on a mobile device.

List of rooms

Allows you to view the status of all rooms in the establishment between “dirty, “cleaning” or “clean”.

It also shows if there are any faults assigned, indicating the severity of the fault with a specific color. We can also see if the customer is checking in or out for that day and check if he/she has already checked out.

Swimming pool data collection

It allows the mandatory water quality controls stipulated by SILOE to be carried out. From this module you can create the different pools of the hotel and save the data of each sample.

At the end of the temporary period it is possible to send directly to the organization from the application.

List of faults

It shows all the open faults of the day and the previous ones, or only the ones specifically assigned to a technician, and allows both to register new faults and to provide comments for each room to the housekeeper.

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