Management of services offered by a spa center: massages, saunas, hot springs, etc.

With the Timón wellnessSpa module you can manage the necessary resources for the proper functioning of your service, both at the human level with the planning of masseurs, therapists, etc., as well as the capacities of the different services offered by your Wellness space.

You will have an exhaustive control of the number of clients that can access the service through a calendar with which you can plan space reservations, if a specific cabin or a specific therapist is needed.

Connected to the PMS, you can make reservations in a single step, at the time of guest check-in, when booking the room or at any time during the customer’s stay.

You will be able to maintain your own service charter, customized to your center:

Different types of cabins and treatments: massage, hair removal, etc.
Types of therapists, physiotherapists, masseurs, estheticians, etc.

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