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Timón Day 2023

As we do every year, we celebrate a meeting day for the whole Timón Hotel community, where we show the latest advances, the challenges ahead and we share

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"The BI module has made it much easier for us to have agility, to have the information up to date."

Guillem Roselló

Bordoy Hotels

"Timón Hotel helps us from reservations, which is the main thing in a hotel, to accounting, commissary,...thanks to its integrated modules. It is the basic tool to be able to manage the day to day running of the hotel."

Rosalia vidal

Serrano Hotels Group

"It makes it easy for us, it gives us time. Because it's so simple, once you have the data entered, to be able to consult, to have everything reflected there, it gives us peace of mind."

Biel Flaquer Terrassa

Hotel Address
Bella Playa

"It is necessary and essential we cannot be without a PMS, without a PMS like Timon Hotel it would not be possible or viable."

Jaume Ordinas

General Comptroller
Garden hotels


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