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Guest loyalty tools

The TimónCRM module expands the guest loyalty tools included in the TimónHotel Front Office. A whole set of functionalities with the objective of getting to know your customers better and achieving higher retention.

The TimonCRM module provides basic statistical data from the different tools, and through Timon Business Intelligence you can greatly expand the visualization and customization of the data.


Loyalty points

Allows the management and creation of customer loyalty systems through points policies. Points can be assigned according to consumption in the accommodation, repeat stays or various fully configurable parameters.

Debugging the guest database

It facilitates the maintenance of the database to keep it always up to date, locating duplicate records, erroneous information or incomplete records.

Tablet-based questionnaires

Customized creation of quality questionnaires for guests. All the necessary questionnaires can be created from the system and the required questions can be defined.

In addition, through MTimónHotel, clients will be able to answer the questionnaires directly and comfortably from a tablet in complete mobility.


Email Marketing

Agile sending of communications via email to customers staying at the hotel, personalizing the content and in a segmented way thanks to all the information stored in the guest file.

Commercial follow-up of agencies

Developed for the commercial follow-up of negotiations with agencies and communication via email during such negotiations.

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