Control and follow-up of the hotel establishment’s breakdowns

Thanks to the application, communication is streamlined and saves time in the communication between reception and technical services, in the reporting of faults and in the notification of their repair.
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Better customer service

With Timón SSTT you get a high speed of information exchange between departments, each communication reaches both reception and technicians, facilitating a high response capacity. When connected to Timon Hotel, the application has the ability to graphically display the rooms with any type of malfunction.

Control of the human resources of the SSTT department.

Keep a record of each asset of your establishment or hotel chain (machinery, furniture, materials, etc.), controlling depreciation, both for tax and accounting purposes. You will easily and quickly obtain reports where the system will automatically calculate the amortizations.

Control of the human resources of the SSTT department.

  • Allocation of maintenance costs to machinery. Linked to Immobilized Rudder.
  • Control of produced failures and those that are repeated.
  • Control of time spent by personnel on repairs.
  • Control of materials used in repairs.

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