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Application for stock and supplier management and control

Inventories and menu cost

Timón Economato provides the necessary tools for the realization of inventories:

Automated inventories

Managed inventories: easily and quickly obtain departmental consumption information as well as menu cost. And with the departmental consumption report, you will have the costs of the services offered by each department.

Departmental control of raw material stocks

Control incoming and outgoing stock to the different departments of the hotel with the Timón Economato application, facilitating inventory management in all areas of the establishment.

Easy entry of delivery notes at goods receipt, with the possibility of using the supplier’s own coding, even when placing orders. From the point of sale (POS) it is possible both to manage orders and to carry out automatic inventories.

Cost control

Through the multiple reports that the system offers, it is possible to analyze all the stock outflows and their costs, comparing them with the revenues obtained, so that it is possible to compare the sales made at the point of sale with the consumption made at the selling price.
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Supplier control

The tool facilitates the verification of supplier invoicing. Timón Economato generates the invoice automatically with the delivery notes received, and at a glance you can validate the supplier’s invoice.
Once the invoice is verified to be correct, the corresponding due dates and payments are generated. The generated invoices go directly to accounting.
You can work with the supplier’s own references, avoiding the introduction of errors.
Automatic sending of orders by email. Possibility of creating templates for order automation.
Timón Economato and its delivery note management, allows you to retrieve the order upon receipt of the goods, without the need to manually enter the delivery note information.
Control that the supplier complies with the agreement, having all the capacity to control the agreed prices, providing the application of all the information at the moment of receiving the delivery note.

Master files

Timón Economato works with two different master files:

1. Items specific to the hotel chain or establishment

2. Supplier references, including prices and discounts for each of the items handled in the establishment for each of the suppliers.

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